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GOING GREEN. It is no longer a trend. It is now. It is everywhere. It is the wave of the future for responsible business management, for protecting our environment, for conserving our natural resources, for maintaining healthy workplaces and for creating a better world

MEETING GREEN STANDARDS. Whether you need Paper, Packaging or Facility Supplies, Clarkston Paper will help your business GO GREEN. Clarkston Paper can provide you the green products required by your customers. Ensure your company’s operations meet the highest environmental stewardship, health and safety standards, and compliant Chain-of-Custody transactions by partnering with Clarkston Paper.

This website is your resource for environmentally-friendly products and specialized services distributed by Clarkston Paper, providing a GREEN advantage. Visit us often as Clarkston Paper expands our green products and services.


This Guide provides checklists, tools, references, and other suggestions that can help a small to medium sized commercial business improve its environmental practices and image in a manner appropriate for the nature, size and location of the company. Additional guidance is also provided for those who want to go further to address the so-called Triple Bottom Line of sustainability—environmental, as well as social and economic responsibility. The Guide is arranged so the company can assess its current situation and opportunities, and then select those steps it wants to take to improve its programs. For example, a company may start down the green path by buying green products and focusing on some aspects of climate change and energy conservation—say, through cutting the use of electricity and improving the efficiency of travel and shipping. Later, it might take up diversity, waste prevention, recycling, and over time address other issues.

By following this Guide, your company should not only be able to enhance its reputation as a responsible  corporate citizen, but better meet the needs of customers, improve efficiency and productivity, and make the organization more attractive to talented new recruits.

Click Here to read A Guide to Greening Your Business.

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